Thermex has passed a 65+ years long way from the local Italian manufacture to an international corporation with leading multinational brands which now are generally recognized by millions of people around the world.

A lot has been changed during these years: geography and production technology, entire generations of engineers and managers, historical epochs and global challenges... But two things have been remained invariable: the specialization - water heating and heating equipment, and the mission of Thermex - to provide people with affordable warmth and comfort anywhere in the world.


The first chapter of Thermex chronicle can be traced back to 1949, when a young talented engineer Lorenzi Vasco launched a production of electric water heaters at his father's factory in the town of Prato in Northern Italy.

In the postwar years Italy was immersed in chaos and ruins. People had a need for literally everything whereas the country was producing almost nothing. Most of the factories of that time had to choose the easiest way - to produce all possible goods. However Lorenzi Vasko, predicting market trends for decades, believed he had to focus on one product only in order to succeed. It was he who laid the foundations of specialization in household and industrial water heating equipment, which ensured the company's future success.